27 September 2013
The OECD held a meeting on base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) >>.

26 September 2013
As a side event to the 2013 Special Event on Follow-up Efforts Made Towards Achieving the MDGs, the ILO organised 'Tackling Inequalities Beyond 2015 through Social Protection' >>

24 September 2013
The first inaugural meeting >> of the High-Leven Political Forum as a follow-up of the commitments made at Rio+20 took place in New York.

23 September 2013

'Investments to End Poverty' >> was released by Development Initiatives.

23 September 2013
As a side event to the 68th UN GA, a panel discussion 'The Jobs challenge' >> focussed on the changing nature of emloyment and securing decent work.

23 September 2013
High-Level Meeting of the UN GA on disability and development >>

20 September 2013
The Commission on Sustainable Development held its final session >>.

19-20 September 2013
UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013: Architects of a better world >>
(a related report is 'Corporate Sustainability and the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda' >>)

19 September 2013
Gender Equality, Women's Rights, and Sustainable Development Goals >> was launched at a side event for the 68th UN GA.

19 September 2013
The 2013 MDG Gap Task Force Report >> was released.

18-20 September 2013
First open meeting >> with youth-led organisations hosted by the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD).

16 September 2013
OECD Newsletter on Employment, Migration, Health and Social Affairs >>

16 September 2013
At the Center for Global Development, experts discussed 'Filling the gap: Inequality Indicators for Post-2015' >> (a related paper >> is available)

13 September 2013
The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities concluded its 10th session >>.

13 September 2013
'Work With Us: How People and Organisations can Catalyse Sustainable change' >> was published by the Institute of Development Studies.

12 September 2013

OXFAM published 'A Cautionary Tale: The true cost of austerity and inequality in Europe' >>

12 September 2013
The 2013 Day for South-South Cooperation was on 'Implementing Social Protection Floors' >>. More information about a related workshop >> on policy options and an ILO/UNITAR Seminar Series on Advancing Social Protection Floors >> is also available.

12 September 2013

Ban Ki-moon on South-South Cooperation >>

11 September 2013
IPE in concerned that 'Tobin tax could infringe EU treaty' >>

11 September 2013
At Duncan Green's blog >> is a discussion about the role of emerging donors in aid business.

10-11 September 2013
Conference on Child Poverty ad Social Protection >> in Jakarta, Indonesia.

10 September 2013
A World Bank study >> focuses on the role of information and communication technologies for creating new jobs. 9 September 2013
Roberto Azevedo is new head of the WTO >>.

9 September 2013
Duncan Green discusses fairtrade >>

4 September 2013
The ITUC Global Poll 2013 - Economic and Social Outlook >> is out.

2 September 2013
The OECD released 'Water Security for Better Lives' >>

1-6 September 2013
World Water Week >> in Stockholm