30-31 October 2013
The Fourth Plenary Meeting of the OECD Task Force on Tax and Development >> took place in Seoul, Korea.

29 October 2013
The UN ECOSOC on far-reaching development reforms >>. 28 October 2013
'Doing Business' >>  was published by the World Bank.

25 October 2013
Olivier de Schutter delivered his final report >> on the right to food to the UN GA.

21-22 October 2013
The Global Green Growth Forum >> took place in Copenhagen. Related statements from the UN can be found here >>

21 October 2013
The ILO published 'The Labour Markets of Emerging Economies: Has Growth translated into
more an better jobs?' >>

17 October 2013
Statement >> of ILO Director-General Guy Ryder on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

11-13 October 2013
World Bank and IMF Annual Meeting >> took place in Washington, D.C.

8 October 2013

The OECD measures the skills of adults >>

7 October 2013
Sixth World Day for Decent Work focuses on Building Workers' Power >>

6 October 2013
The Alternatiba event >> in the French Basque region was attended by 10,000 participants.

5 October 2013
At the UN GA high level event on the MDGs >>, there was a call for ful employment and decent work in the future development agenda.

3-4 October 2013
The High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development >> took place in New York.
A related report is here >>, related data and figures can be found here >>.

3 October 2013
The Bretton Woods Project says 'Financial transaction tax: IMF at odds with Europe' >>

3 October 2013
The Bretton Woods Project >> blames the IMF of failling to listening to itself on inequality matters.

2 October 2013
The Global Partnership for Social Accountability >> supports civil society organisations in developing countries.

2 October 2013

The World Bank's Migration and Development Brief 21 is on Migration and Remittance Flows >>.

2 October 2013
Sweden's role as a generous aid donor was acknowledged by the OECD >>.