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(last updated on: 2014-10-29)

12 December 2014

Universal Health Coverage Day >>

17 October 2014
The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was celebrated under the topic of 'Leave no one behind' >>

16 October 2014
The World Food Day >> is under the topic of 'Familiy Farming'.

13 October 2014
Bill Gates on Piketty and 'Why Inquality Matters' >>

7 October 2014
World Day for Decent Work - Justice for Workers Climate Justice >>

30 September - 3 October 2014
Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research >>
(Cape Town Statement >>)

25 September 2014
Tom Murphy asks 'What about a health systems development goal for Post-2015?' >>

25 September 2014
The MDG Advocacy Group released its latest report 'Accelerating Action: Global Leaders on Challenges and Opportunities for MDG Achievement' >>

24 September 2014
UNRISD published 'Social and Solidarity Economy and the Challenge of Sustainable Development' >>

24 September 2014

The ILO published 'Social Protection for older persons: Key policy trends and statistics' >>

23 September 2014
1st World Conference on Indigenous Peoples >> focused on climate change

22-23 September 2014
World Conference on Indigenous People >>

21-22 September 2014

5th Annual Social Good Summit >>

18 September 2014
The MDG Gap Task Force Report 2014 >> was launched.

16 September 2014
The UN GA opened its 69th session, with a focus on the MDGs and the post-2015 development agenda >>

16 September 2014
The State of the Food Insecurity in the World 2014 >>  was released by FAO.

16 September 2014
The 69th session >> of the UN General Assembly was opened.
(on the ending 68th session see

12 September 2014
The UK's International Development Committee released 'Strengthening Health Systems in Developing Countries' >>

12 September 2014
'Global Economy, Global Rights. A practitioners' guide for interpreting human rights obligations in the global economy' >>  was published by the ESCR-Net Corproate Accountability Working Group.

11-12 September 2014
High-level Stocktaking Event on the Post-2015 Development Agenda >>

10 September 2014

UN GA adopts resolution >> on SDGs report

9 September 2014
ILO, OECD and World Bank jointly prepared the report 'G20 labour markets: outlook, key challenges and policy responses' >>

4 September 2014
Lawrence O. Gostin discusses the potential of an International Health Systems Fund to meet the Ebola crisis, in the Lancet >>

4 September 2014

The report 'Follow-up to the Second World Assembly on Ageing' >> has been released by UN DESA.

3 September 2014
The OECD's Employment Outlook 2014 >> says "Unemployment will remain well above its pre-crisis levels next year in most OECD countries".

31 August - 5 September 2014
World Water Week 2014 >>

31 August 2014
Jim Yong Kim (World Bank president) and Paul Farmer (Harvard University) state: "... the reality is: The Ebola crisis today is a reflection of long-standing and growing inequalities of access to basic health care. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone do not have the staff, stuff and systems required to halt the outbreak on their own." >>

29 August 2014
UN-NGO forum >> concluded in New York and addressed the role of NGOs in the post-2015 development agenda

28 August 2014
The UN GA passed the resolution 'Towards the establishment of a multilateral legal framework for sovereign debt restructuring processes' >>  (discussion at the Recovery with a Human Face List >>)

25 August 2014
Michael Clemens (Center for Global Development) argues that 'The Post-2015 Development Goals Need to Address Migration' >>

21 August 2014

The responses of the Campaign for Peoples Goals to the OWG outcome document are available here

4 August 2014
'Corporate influence through the G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa' >> by Wolfgang Obenland has been published as a Working Paper of MISEREOR, GPF and Brot für die Welt.

30 July - 1 August 2014
Fifth Working Session >> of the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing

30 July 2014
UNICEF released 'The Challenges of Climate Change: Children on the front line' >>

30 July 2014

An ILO Policy Brief 'Rapid Extension of Health Protection' >> was released.

21 July 2014
The final outcome document >> of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development with the list of proposed Sustainable Development Goals has been released.
A summary >> by iisd reporting services is also available.

21 July 2014
UNRISD published 'Social and Solidarity Economy and the Challenge of Sustainable Development' >>

15 July 2014
The 6th BRICS Summit: Fortaleza Declaration >>

14-18 July 2014
13th session >> of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

10-11 July 2014

The ECOSOC 2014 Development Cooperation Forum is entitled 'Bringing the future of development cooperation to post-2015' >>.

10 July 2014
UN DESA's Population Division releases the latest urbanization trends >>

10 July 2014
The 2014 Revision of the World Urbanization Prospects report >>  finds that more than half of world's population now live in urban areas.

9 July 2014
The Social Watch Report 2014 >> was launched

7-11 July 2014
High-level segement of the 2014 session >>  of ECOSOC is themed 'Addressing ongoing and emerging challenges for meeting the MDGs in 2015 and for sustaining development gains in the future'

7 July 2014
UNCTAD's fourth Working Group meeting >> on the Debt Workout Mechanism took place in New York.

2 July 2014
The OECD published 'Perspectives on Global Development 2014. Boosting productivity to meet the middle income challenge' >>

1 July 2014
Launch of the 'Global Sustainable Development Report' >>

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