29 October 2014
Oxfam published its report 'Time to end extreme inequality' >>

23 October 2014
UNU-WIDER, ILO and UNCTAD convened the seminar 'Rising income inequality: trends - and measures ot prevent and reverse it' >>
(you can see ILO Isabel Ortiz' contribution here >>)

17 October 2014
The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was celebrated under the topic of 'Leave no one behind' >>

13 October 2014
Bill Gates on Piketty and 'Why Inquality Matters' >>

25 September 2014
The MDG Advocacy Group released its latest report 'Accelerating Action: Global Leaders on Challenges and Opportunities for MDG Achievement' >>

24 September 2014
UNRISD published 'Social and Solidarity Economy and the Challenge of Sustainable Development' >>

21-22 September 2014
5th Annual Social Good Summit >>

18 September 2014
The MDG Gap Task Force Report 2014 >> was launched.

16 September 2014
The UN GA opened its 69th session, with a focus on the MDGs and the post-2015 development agenda >>

16 September 2014
The 69th session >> of the UN General Assembly was opened.
(on the ending 68th session see

11-12 September 2014
High-level Stocktaking Event on the Post-2015 Development Agenda >>

10 September 2014
UN GA adopts resolution >> on SDGs report

5-6 September 2014

UNU-WIDER organised 'Inequality - measurement, trends, impacts and policies' >>

28 August 2014
The UN GA passed the resolution 'Towards the establishment of a multilateral legal framework for sovereign debt restructuring processes' >>  (discussion at the Recovery with a Human Face List >>)

21 August 2014
The responses of the Campaign for Peoples Goals to the OWG outcome document are available here

21 July 2014

The final outcome document >> of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development with the list of proposed Sustainable Development Goals has been released.
A summary >> by iisd reporting services is also available.

21 July 2014
UNRISD published 'Social and Solidarity Economy and the Challenge of Sustainable Development' >>

15 July 2014
The 6th BRICS Summit: Fortaleza Declaration >>

14-18 July 2014
13th session >> of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

10-11 July 2014

The ECOSOC 2014 Development Cooperation Forum is entitled 'Bringing the future of development cooperation to post-2015' >>

9 July 2014
The Social Watch Report 2014 >> was launched

7-11 July 2014
High-level segement of the 2014 session >>  of ECOSOC is themed 'Addressing ongoing and emerging challenges for meeting the MDGs in 2015 and for sustaining development gains in the future'

7 July 2014
UNCTAD's fourth Working Group meeting >> on the Debt Workout Mechanism took place in New York.

2 July 2014
The OECD published 'Perspectives on Global Development 2014. Boosting productivity to meet the middle income challenge' >>

30 June - 9 July 2014

Second meeting >> of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

18-19 June 2014

UNCTAD 2014 Public Symposium 'A Better World Economic Order for Equality and Sustainable Development Post-2015' >>

16-20 June 2014
12th session >> of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

9 June 2014

UN officals >> call for human rights-backed development agenda

2 June 2014
The 'Zero Draft' >> of the Open Working Group on SDGs was made public.

23 May 2014

High-Level Meeting of the UN GA 'Achieving poverty eradication through full employment and decent work for all in teh post-2015 development agenda' >>

22 May 2014

The World Economic Situation and Prospects as of mid-2014 >> was launched.

21-22 May 2014
High-Level Event >> of the UN GA 'Contributions of North-South, South-South, Triangular Cooperation, and ICTs for Development to the implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda'

15 May 2014

A Center for Global Development Working paper illustrates that 'Migration and Development Research is Moving Far beyond Remittances' >>

15 May 2014

World Health Statistics 2014 >> reveal ‘major’ rich-poor longevity divide persists >>

14 May 2014

Robert J. Shiller comments >> on inequality and global taxes.

10 May 2014
G20 Tax Symposium >>

5-9 May 2014

11th session >> of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

5-7 May 2014
OECD Week 2014 >>

5 May 2014

The OECD published 'All on Board: Making Inclusive Growth Happen' >>

6 May 2014  
South Bulletin 79 >> was released with articles addressing equity, climate change and sustainable development;issues of global governance (G77, China, regional (Latin America, Asia)) and the post-2015 development agenda.

28-29 April 2014
UNESCO and the ISSC organised an expert group meeting 'Global justice, poverty and inequality in the post-2015 development agenda' >>

22 April 2014
Thomas Piketty explains 'Why a global wealth tax would help address inequality' >>

15 - 16 April 2014
First High Level Meeting >> of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation in Mexico

14-15 April 2014
Special high-level meeting >> of ECOSOC with the World Bank, IMF, WTO and UNCTAD on 'Coherence, coordination and cooperation in the context of financing for sustainable development and the post-2015 development agenda'.

11-13 April 2014

IMF - World Bank Spring Meetings 2014 >>
Global Trade Union Statement >>

11 April 2014

The World Bank released the World Development Indicators 2014 >>

9 April 2014
UNRISD organised a seminar 'New Directions in Social Policy: Towards a Post-2015 Agenda' >>

8 April 2014
A Global Partnership of Solidarity or Global Partnerships for Wealth? - A civil society statement >> on the role of Global Partnership in the development agenda

7 April 2014

UNFPA discusses 'How has the World Changed in the Last 20 Years?' >>

3-4 April 2014

Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Financing Sustainable Development holds a consultation on the theme 'Co-Creating New Partnerships for Fianncing Sustainable Development' >>

1-3 April 2103

'The 2014 Social Forum' >> took place in Geneva

1 April 2014
A World Bank paper by David Dollar, Tatjana Kleineberg and Aart Kraav is on 'Growth, inequality, and social welfare: cross-country evidence' >>

April 2014
International Movement ATD Fourth World released 'Challenge 2015: Towards Sustainable Development that Leaves No One Behind' >>

31 March 2014

The OWG released a progress report >>  and 'Focus Areas of the Sustainable Development Goals' >>

30 March 2014

'UNDP Youth Strategy 2014-2017: Empowered Youth, Sustainable Future' >>

24 March- 14 April 2014

Online Discussion >> on child Poverty and the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals

24-28 March 2014

16th Session of the Committee for Development Policy >>

24 March 2014
An ODI paper 'Building a post-2015 sustainable development agreement' >>  is published (more is available under >>)

20 March 2014
ECOSOC convenes symposium on development cooperation >>

18 March 2014

The OECD published 'Society at a Glance 2014' >>

10-21 March 2014

Commission on the Status of Women >> (focus on development, particularly education and reproductive rights).

5 March 2014

'Beyond Macroeconomic Stability: Structural Transformation and Inclusive Development' >>

20 February 2014

The World Bank published 'Gender at Work' >>  (a companion to the World Development Report on Jobs >>). A Bretton Woods Project comment >>

20 February 2014
World Day of Social Justice >>  
ILO Statement >> 
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon >>

21 February 2014

The OECD published its 'Going for Growth Report' 2014 >>

11-21 February 2014
Commission for Social Development's  52nd session >>

28 January 2014
'Wage-led Growth: An equitable strategy for economic recovery' >>

22-25 January 2014
World Economic Forum 'The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business' >> . Discussed was, amongst other things 'Health is Wealth' >>, education and employment >>, youth unemployment >>, and future development agendas >>, global food security >>

20 January 2014
OXFAM Briefing Paper 'Working for the Few. Political Capture and Economic Inequality' >> 

9-13 December 2013
Sixth session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals >>

5-6 December 2016

An event 'How to Unlock Investment in Support of Green Growth'  >> is organised by the OECD.

4-5 December 2013
Workshop on 'Strengthening the Migration-Development Nexus through Improved Policy and Institutional Coherence' >>

2-6 December 2013
Second session of the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing (ICESDF) >>

27 November 2013
The final report of an E-Discussion on Youth Migration, Equity and the Post-2015 Development Agenda >> has been published.

25-27 November 2013
Fifth Session >> of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

21 November 2013
The OHCHR released 'Realizing the Right to Development: Essays in Commemoration of 25 Years of the UN Declaration on the Right to Development' >>

20 November 2013
The 'Least Developed Countries Report 2013 - Growth with employment for inclusive and sustainable development' >> was released.

20 November 2013
The ILO published 'Beyond Macroeconomic Stability: Structural Transformation and Inclusive Development' >> (edited by Iyanatul Islam and David Kucera).

19 November 2013
The OECD's latest Economic Outlook >> is out.

18-19 November 2013
Seoul Workshop >> focuses on best practices in effective development co-operation.

15 November 2013
'Towards Better Work: Understanding labour in apparel global value chains' >> was published by the ILO.

11 November 2013
The UN GA Second Committee and ECOSOC joined forces >> to "examine 'the future of employment' and the need for bold action to ensure the post-2015 development agenda provides decent work for all".

11 November 2013
The World Bank released the 'Global Financial Development Report 2014: Financial Inclusion' >>

7 November 2013

At 'Intelligence. The World of Debate' >> is a debate about the future of development.

7 November 2013

International Development Goals were discussed at 37th Session >> of the UNESCO's General Conference.

30-31 October 2013

The Fourth Plenary Meeting of the OECD Task Force on Tax and Development >> took place in Seoul, Korea.

29 October 2013

The UN ECOSOC on far-reaching development reforms >>.

17 October 2013
Statement >> of ILO Director-General Guy Ryder on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

5 October 2013

At the UN GA high level event on the MDGs >>, there was a call for ful employment and decent work in the future development agenda.

3-4 October 2013

The High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development >> took place in New York. A related report is here >>, related data and figures can be found here >>.

3 October 2013
The Bretton Woods Project says 'Financial transaction tax: IMF at odds with Europe' >>

2 October 2013
The World Bank's Migration and Development Brief 21 is on Migration and Remittance Flows >>.

2 October 2013

Sweden's role as a generous aid donor was acknowledged by the OECD >>.

27 September 2013
The OECD held a meeting on base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) >>.

24 September 2013

The first inaugural meeting >> of the High-Leven Political Forum as a follow-up of the commitments made at Rio+20 took place in New York.

23 September 2013
'Investments to End Poverty' >> was released by Development Initiatives.

20 September 2013

The Commission on Sustainable Development held its final session >>.

19-20 September 2013
UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013: Architects of a better world >>
(a related report is 'Corporate Sustainability and the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda' >>)

19 September 2013
Gender Equality, Women's Rights, and Sustainable Development Goals >> was launched at a side event for the 68th UN GA.

19 September 2013
The 2013 MDG Gap Task Force Report >> was released.

16 September 2013
At the Center for Global Development, experts discussed 'Filling the gap: Inequality Indicators for Post-2015' >> (a related paper >> is available)

11 September 2013

At Duncan Green's blog >> is a discussion about the role of emerging donors in aid business.

11 September 2013

IPE in concerned that 'Tobin tax could infringe EU treaty' >>

28-30 August 2013

First meeting of the Inter-Governmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development >>

21 August 2013
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon released 'A life of Dignity for All' >>, on the current and future development agenda.

16 July 2013
The EU adopted 'Beyond 2015: towards a comprehensive and integrated approach to financing for poverty eradication and sustainable development' >>

9 July 2013
The UN GA establishes Political Forum to Replace Commission on Sustainable Development >>

8 July 2013
A UN GA Thematic Debate on Inequality >> was held. Senior UN officials emphasised >> that "the international communcity must tackle social and economic inequalities between regions and within countries".

28 June 2013
Remittances was in the focus of a FAO event in Rome >>

25-26 June 2013
UNF/ODI conference 'Turning evidence into action for the post-2015 agenda' >>

25 June 2013
Migration Policy Practice (Vol III, No 3, June/July 2013) includes an article by Chris Richter 'Migration as a development enabler: Putting enablers into practice in the Post-2015 Development Agenda' >>

21 June 2013
ODI published 'Eradicating global poverty: a noble goal, but how do we measure it? >>

18 June 2013
About the G8 and Financial Secrecy >> is a contribution by CGD Alex Cobham.

10 June 2013
A Blog by the Center for Global Development discusses 'A Development Agenda for the G-8 in 3 Ts' >>

30 May 2013
The High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda released 'A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies through Sustainable Development' >>

23 April 2013
A meeting on the debt crisis took place after an ECOSOC high-level forum with the Bretton Woods institutions, the WTO and UNCTAD - "Coherence, coordination and cooperation in the context of financing for sustainable development and the post-2015 development agenda" >>

22 April 2013
A meeting on sustainable development and the post-2015 development agenda >> took palce in New York.

20 April 2013
World Bank Governors >> endorsed goals to end extreme poverty (communiqué >>).

19 April 2013
Jomo K.S. about 'Innovation in Development Finance' >>

19 April 2013
The World Bank >> launched an Initiative on Migration, and released new projections on remittance flows.

17 April 2013
The World Bank and the IMF released the Global Monitoring Report 2013 >>, arguing "urbanization helps pull people out of poverty and advances progress towards the MDGs.

17 April 2013
The World Bank released 'The State of the Poor: Where are the Poor and where are they Poorest? >>

3 April 2013
OECD DAC reports >> an official development aid decrease of 4%.

26 March 2013
A multi-stakeholder consortium has been chosen to host the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) >>, giving new impetus to the drive to increase the transparency and effectiveness of development spending >>.

15 March 2013
The UNDP Human Development Report entitled 'The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World' >>.

14 March 2013

Good and bad news on global taxation can be found at

5 March 2013
In a lecture >> at the Stockholm School of Economics, hosted by the European Commission and UNDP, Kevin Watkins (incoming head of UK ODI) made the case for “putting inequality at the heart of the agenda” because it violates basic human rights, and “will act as a break on progress towards vital post-MDG goals.”

1 March 2013
An online consultation for a disability inclusive development agenda towards 2015 and beyond >>  has been launched by The World We Want.

March 2013
UK ODE published 'The Age of Choice: How are developing countries managing the new aid landscape?' >>

March 2013
The UN System Task Team 's second report ‘A renewed global partnership for development’ >> looks at the possible features for the global partnership for development in the post-2015 era.

28 February 2013
UNRISD, the ILO and UN-NGLS have announced a conference 'Potential and Limits of Social and Solidarity Economy' to take place 6-8 May 2013 in Geneva. A couple of think pieces are available from the website >>

28 February 2013
As a contribution to the Post-MDG development agenda, there is an UNRISD Policy Brief on 'Combating Poverty and Inequality' >>, another one on 'Inequalities and the Post-2015 Development Agenda' >>, and one on 'Social Policy and Employment' >>

27 February 2013
A discussion about the likelihood of the creation of a BRICS Development Bank can be found at >>

12 February 2013
For global public goods, the Centre for Global Development reports some World Bank initiatives >>.

1 February 2013
The official communiqué from the High Level Panel’s meeting in Moravia concluded with an official communiqué  >>.

16 January 2013
On aid for trade there is a speech from WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy >> and more at the Aid for Trade Policy Dialogue >>.

14 January 2013
The IFC published a study on job creation in the Social Protection >>,  see also a related life webcast >>.

11 January 2013
Investing in Business of Development’ >> was published by the North-South Institute and CCIC.

31 October 2012
The International Disability Alliance and the International Disability and Development Consortium have drafted a position paper 'Make the post-MDG framework inclusive of persons with disabilities' >>

29 October 2012
There is a paper by Duncan Green, Stephen Hale and Matthew Lockwood on 'How can a post-2015 Agreement drive real change?' >>

9 October 2012
The Institute for Policy Studies sent a letter >> signed by 58 organisations to World Bank president Jim Kim, urging him to champion financial transaction taxes.

9 October 2012
An UNRIS Project Brief 'Potential and Limits of Social and Solidarity Economy' >> was published.

8 October 2012
The IMF World Economic Outlook 'Coping with High Debt and Sluggish Growth' >> has been released. A comment by Ronald Janssen can be found here >>   and at the Bretton Woods project website >>

4 October 2012
An UNRISD Research and Policy Brief 'Inequalities and the Post-2015 Development Agenda' >> was released, writtne by Rheem Al-Adhami and Shahra Razavi.

25 September 2012
The High-Level Panel for advice on the post-2015 >> agenda convenes for its first meeting.

24 September 2012
The UN ECOSOC arranged a special meeting 'Building the Future we Want' >> with a focus on sustainable development.

13 September 2012
The World Bank published its first 'Global Financial Development Report' >> entitled 'Rethinking the Role of the State in Finance'.

4 September 2012
DESA News >> was published, looking at the post-MDG process, persons with disabilities, empowering people in achieving poverty eradication, social integration and full employment.

1 September 2012
Martin Ravallion has authored a new World Bank Policy Research working paper 'Benchmarking global poverty reduction' >>

11 July 2012
An interesting blog >> by Duncan Green discusses the role of migration in development.

10 July 2012
UNRISD published a Research and Policy Brief 'The Politics of Domestic Resource Mobilization for Social Development' >>.

8-12 July 2012
The '2012 Joint World Conference on social Work and Social Development: Action and Impact' >> takes place in Stockholm.

5 July 2012
The World Economic and Social Survey 2012: In Search of New Development Finance >> was launched.

2 July 2012
The MDG Report 2012>> was released  reporting broad progress. The >> website discusses what comes after the MDGs. A paper of the Centre for Global Development is 'MDGs 2.0: What Goals, Targets, and Timeframe?' >> . At the UNRISD website, there is a paper by Sakiko Fukuda-Parr 'Recapturing the Narrative of International Development' >> discussing the MDG framework.

31 June 2012
A new publication by the World Bank is 'Migration and Remittances during the Financial Crisis and Beyond' >>.

22 June 2012
The German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble announced >> efforts by a core group of EU countries to introduce a financial transaction tax. Apart from Germany, France, Italy and Spain were said to be behind the initiative. The revenues from such a tax should be used to wind down bad banks. Related opinions can be found at >>.

21 June 2013
The UN GA established an intergovernmental committee of experts on sustainable development financing >>

20-22 June 2012
The Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development >>  took place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The outcome document is entitled 'The Future we want' >>. As part of the Rio+20 UN conference, the ILO together with UNEP and the IMF organised a meeting 'Decent Work and Social Protection Floors for Sustainable Development' >>. Trade Union activity is reported at the ITUC website >>. Background information can be found in GSP Digest 12.2 >.
Related activities and information can be found at UNRISD >>, UN DESA >> and at Duncan Green's blog >>. The Civil Society Reflection Group published a report 'No Future Without Justice' >>.

7 June 2012
UN DESA published an mid-2012 Update >> of its World Economic Situation and Prospects report, demanding that "countries need to shift away from self-defeating fiscal austerity and towards a renewed stimulus, which provides support to weak global demand.

31 May 2012
The UNHCR launched is flagship publication ‘The State of the World’s Refugees: In Search for Solidarity’ >>.

21 May 2012
'Be Outraged' >>, an edited collection by an international group of economists and social scientists was published. It argues "that austerity is bad economics, bad arithmetic, and ignores the lessons of history." A discussion on the book is in Duncan Green's blog >>.

29 May 2013
A Special Meeting >> of ECOSOC on International Cooperation in Tax Matters took place at the UN Headquarters in New York.

7-8 May 2012
The Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics >> (ABCDE) took place at the World Bank in Washington, D.c. It's topic was 'Accountability and Transparency for Development'.

8 July 2013
The OECD launched 'Aid for Trade at a Glance' >>

1 April 2012
A World Bank working paper >> 'When do donors trust recipient country systems?' engages with the 2005 Paris Declaration on Effectiveness on Aid targets. 

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