Global Social Governance

16 November 2014
OECD and IMF to help monitor G20 commitments >>  to boost economic growth and create jobs.

30 October - 13 November 2014
322nd Session of the ILO Governing Body >>

29 August 2014
UN-NGO forum >> concluded in New York and addressed the role of NGOs in the post-2015 development agenda

15 July 2014

The 6th BRICS Summit: Fortaleza Declaration >>

10 July 2014
International Day of Cooperatives >>, with a focus on social justice and equity.

20-21 June 2014

C20 summit >> in Melbourne

4-5 June 2014

G7 Summit in Brussels

3 June 2014
L20's First Forum on 'Jobs and Growth' >>

28 May - 12 June 2014
International Labour Conference>>

8 May 2014
The World Bank appoints leaders of global practices >>

6 May 2014   
South Bulletin 79 >> was released with articles addressing equity, climate change and sustainable development;issues of global governance (G77, China, regional (Latin America, Asia)) and the post-2015 development agenda.

5-6 May 2014
The fifth meeting >>  of the Social Protection Interagency Cooperation Board (SPIAC-B) took place in Geneva.

5 May 2014
UN oppens up channels >> for direct participation of people in international decisions

May 2014
A World Bank Paper engages with the question 'Which World Bank Reports are Widely Read? >>

14-15 April 2014

Special high-level meeting >> of ECOSOC with the World Bank, IMF, WTO and UNCTAD on 'Coherence, coordination and cooperation in the context of financing for sustainable development and the post-2015 development agenda'.

11-13 April 2014

IMF - World Bank Spring Meetings 2014 >>
Global Trade Union Statement >>

8 April 2014
A Global Partnership of Solidarity or Global Partnerships for Wealth? - A civil society statement >> on the role of Global Partnership in the development agenda

April 2014

G20-BRICS Update: Dueling Visions - Civil Society and the G20 >>

21-30 January 2014
2014 regular session of the Committee of NGOs >>

4-5 December 2013
9th WTO Ministerial Conference >>

11-13 October 2013
World Bank and IMF Annual Meeting >> took place in Washington, D.C.

3 October 2013
The Bretton Woods Project >> blames the IMF of failling to listening to itself on inequality matters.

2 October 2013
The Global Partnership for Social Accountability >> supports civil society organisations in developing countries.

19-20 September 2013
UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013: Architects of a better world >>
(a related report is 'Corporate Sustainability and the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda' >>)

18-20 September 2013
First open meeting >> with youth-led organisations hosted by the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD).

13 September 2013
'Work With Us: How People and Organisations can Catalyse Sustainable change' >> was published by the Institute of Development Studies.

12 September 2013
Ban Ki-moon on South-South Cooperation >>

9 September 2013
Roberto Azevedo is new head of the WTO >>.

22 July 2013
The Human Rights Watch published 'Abuse-Free Development. How the World Bank Should Safeguard Against Human Rights Violations' >>

19 July 2013
G20 Finance and Labour Ministers' Meeting >> (Moscow).

17-18 July 2013
G8 Summit >> in Northern Ireland

9 July 2013
Supachai Panitchpakdi (UNCTAD) reflects upon 'A New Bretton Woods, to Prevent Future Crises?' >>

21 June 2013
318th session of the ILO Governing Body>>

14 March 2013
The Centre for Global Development website >>  provides interesting information about the process of finding a new head for the WTO.

23 October 2012
The second edition of 'From Poverty to Power. How Active Citizens and Effective States can Change the Change the World' >> by Duncan Green (Oxfam) is released.

25 September 2012
The 67th session of the UN General Assembly >> opened.

4 July 2012

Interesting thoughts can be found at the IDS Governance and Development blog >>.

13 June 2012
Brazil announced >> it might cap its contribution to the IMF if emerging markets are not given more say at the international table.

30 May - 14 June 2012
The 101st International Labour Conference >> is held in Geneva.

21-26 May 2012
The 65th session of the World Health Assembly >> took place in Geneva. Dr. Margaret Chan was appointed for a second term as WHO Director-General.

25-29 January 2012
The World Economic Forum 2012 >> took place in Davos 25-29 January 2012.

24-29 January 2012
The World Social Forum >> has gathered in January 2012 in Porto Allegre.


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